mht2htm converts MS Internet Explorer .mht files into common .html files you can open on any system with any browser.


mht2htm will extract all files from mht file in single directory. Then it will try to find addresses to extracted files and replace them with relative address. Other addresses to remote files will not be changed so you can get them from internet (if you wish).

mht2htm (win32 or *nix version) is stand alone executable program. mht2htm don't use any ini file and don't store settings anywhere. All files you find with main program file are optional and are not required for normal work.

Installation is easy: create directory, copy mht2htm[.exe] in directory and start it (For *nix: You must have right to execute from that dir. It may be your home dir).

mht2htm (thanks to Lazarus) looks alike on all operative systems.

looks same

Differences are minor and mostly of cosmetic nature.